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  • +50 Applications areas
  • +70 Companies
  • +40 Countries
  • +2000 Employees
  • +10.000 Products

For more than 30 years, IBG has been successfully active as a mid-sized industrial holding on a global scale. Our affiliated companies have made us internationally present in the welding, tungsten and ceramic component as well as in the construction chemicals businesses.

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Currently, the IBG group includes more than 50 sales and distribution, as well as production companies all over the world. We believe that entering into partnerships with innovative companies, possessing high potential for developing new products and conceptual approaches, forms the corner-stone of successful business development. The continuous execution of future-oriented strategies secures IBG's and its subsidiaries' positions in the growing market areas. The registration of patents, utility- and design patents continues to be an essential component of our intensive research and development efforts.

About Weldstone

The Weldstone Group

  • 3 Locations
  • +10 Applications areas
  • +300 Employees
  • +1.000 Customers
  • +3.000 Products

Weldstone is a member of the German based IBG-Group. Over the last 30 years, IBG and their 50 international affiliated companies have gained leading positions in the fields of welding, tungsten and ceramic components, as well as in the construction chemicals. Currently the group employs more than 2.000 people around the world.

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Weldstone grew rapidly from a mid-size tungsten electrode production company to the market leader in TIG-electrodes and expanded the metal business scopes to other tungsten related markets such as tungsten heavy metal, tungsten copper and special tungsten alloys.

Today, Weldstone is one of the leading producers of tungsten products and serves the most demanding industries such as automotive, aerospace, measuring devices and others.

Weldstone is currently expanding its global customer service network. The Weldstone Group already has distribution locations in the USA, Europe and Asia and also provides great local customer service.

Your benefits


The huge experience of Weldstone comprises development, production and application of refractory metals like tungsten or molybdenum and ceramics, Welding and Automation. For you this meanssafety, reliability and comprehensive consulting service.

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Production Sites

Weldstone has group-owned production sites and therefore has optimal influence in production processes. This means great flexibility and reliability of supply to you. It also guarantees short reactions times and cost efficiency.

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Weldstone´s broad network of specialists and its excellent relationship to institutes and universities, ensure permanent expansion of know-how and efficiency. For you this bears the great advantage to always be provided with the latest solutions and to constantly be up-to-date with technical know-how. You will be more efficient, you will be able to lower your processing respectively production costs and you are on the safe side concerning your quality requirement. You will also increase your efficiency, especially when implementing product improvement respectively process improvement and innovations.

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The huge expDespite all objectivity and realism, employees of Weldstone Rosenheim are of course still creative and innovative enough to think outside the box and look at the challenges from whole new perspectives, allowing new ideas to get a fair chance. This creativity might help you to find absolutely new solutions and innovations, which can guarantee clear competitive advantages in the market.

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All products supplied to you are consigned by our logistics centers in Asia, Europe and America. If you want, you can also receive your goods from any of our subsidiaries worldwide. This means efficient, comfortable and safe logistics and order processing for you, which we can adapt to your requirements. Even your international premises can be supplied directly by our logistics network.

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All companies of the IBG-Production-Network work with the latest quality test and control equipments. These production facilities are of course certified according to ISO 9001 and therefore correspond to international quality standards.

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We create long term partnerships with our customers based on flexibility, trust, fairness and respect. We guarantee fair and faithful compliance with laws and regulations in all our business activities. We guarantee that there is no conflict material used in our companies. We highly respect our colleagues and guarantee fair compensation. This is why we have one of the lowest fluctuation rates in the industry.

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We do our best in protecting our environment and minimizing our impact on environmental resources. It is our goal to be an industrial leader in environmentally responsible practices, processes and products. We try to conduct our business in a manner that is environmentally sustainable, demonstrates environmental consciousness and provides our customers with environmentally friendly products. We design our processes considering minimizing waste, maximizing efficiency of materials and conserving resources. We provide our customers products that are long-lasting with excellent performance and we offer to take back our products after lifetime ends.

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